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Java Agent in Docker containers unable to communicate with Agent Controller on Host.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



 Customer using a Docker Container with a Java Agent is not able to have the Controller Agent communicate to the  APM Command Center.



 APM 10.2 or earlier



 ACC only supports having the Controller Agent on the same physical or virtual server as the actual APM agent for two  reasons:

   1. Local sockets can be used instead of actual TCP sockets making communication less expensive.

   2. The Collector Agent needs to have access to the file system of the Java agent. This is so that the ACC Controller  Agent can get data without impacting the Java agent (and thus the monitored application and even when the agent is down.


 In case of Docker, it would be too much overhead to have a Controller agent (i.e. additional Java process) running inside the Docker container. 



Currently we do not have a solution for this.  You can request that a ER(Enhancement Request) by placing an IDEA!.


An IDEA! can be placed on  An IDEA! is a process that is monitored by the Product Management team.  They look for ideas and issues that should be addressed in future releases of the software.  Once logging into the Communities website, you will see a Pencil Icon. Click on it and a drop list will appear.  At the bottom you will see a choice for IDEA!.


Component: APMAGT