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Troubleshooting the Remote Execution Agent


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Workload Automation Agent



I'm troubleshooting the Remote Execution Agent, where can I find the Remote Execution Agent log files?



The Workload Automation Agent has a log directory that will contain a proxy.log file that logs data by the remote execution agent and contains information on the processing of the job.

The Job log stored in the agents spool directory logs all job submission commands executed on the remote host.

If the proxy.connection.debug.enable variable is set to true (default setting) in the agentparm.txt file there will be two additional files if communication to the target remote is successful.



Note: If the additional debug log files are not created either the agent was not cycled for the changes to take effect or the remote execution agent is having a problem and not getting to point of communicating to the remote machine.

Review the proxy.log file for additional information on what the problem is.




Release: WKLASE99000-11.3-Workload Automation-Agent SE