Can an Easytrieve application be linked as a DLL?
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Can an Easytrieve application be linked as a DLL?


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Can a CA Easytrieve for Windows application be linked as a DLL (Dynamic Load Library)?



Because CA Easytrieve for Windows applications can't be called by programs written in another programming language, it makes no sense to create a DLL from an Easytrieve source - even if the link doesn't fail. 

But you can call DLLs, for instance written in C, from an Easytrieve application.


Additional Information:

This is an excerpt with additional information in this context from the CA Easytrieve 11.6 User Guide:


Unless Visual Studio is detected as being installed on your system, in Windows, your program is converted into a P-Code file. The p-code is written to a .pco file.

Note that if Visual Studio or Visual Studio .NET is detected, you can specify that your program will result in a standard executable program (EXE extension). This can be controlled through the Program Profile Manager. See Workbench Tools and Utilities (see page 155) for more information.

The P-Code file is executed using the CA Easytrieve Report Generator interpreter (ezterp).



Release: ESBEZT99000-11.1-Easytrieve-Extended Support Basic