Using the autoextvj JIL Verification
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Using the autoextvj JIL Verification


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


I would like to implement a verification exit. Can you tell me where I can find documentation on c++ autoextvj library?


Release: ALL Supported WAAE versions


AutoSys ships a sample JIL Verification exit called “autoextvj_sample_lib.c”.  This can be found in the $AUTOSYS\code (or %AUTOSYS%/code) directory.


The JIL Verification Exit provides a single point of control over JIL insert, updates and overrides.

The only documentation currently available on the JIL Verification Exit is found within the autoextvj header file.

The sample program “autoextvj_sample_lib.c” is a good starting point when coding an exit.

For more information, check out the CA Workload Automation AE Verification Exit Video

Additional Information

Till 11.3.6 SP8 Autosys is 32-buit application. From r12.0 its 64-bit application. So you have to find the source code and make the changes to the code, so the 64-bit OS compiler does not generate core.