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How do I wrap the Hardcopy Log Datasets?


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How do I wrap the Hardcopy Log Datasets?



Wrapping lets you reuse a LOG data set when all of the available LOG data sets have been used.

The LOGWRAP SYSPARM determines whether log data set wrapping is allowed. You set the value of this SYSPARM in the 'Are Activity Logs to Wrap?' field when you customize the LOGFILES parameter group in Customizer (/PARMS).

If you specify 'NO' (the default) in the 'Are Activity Logs to Wrap?' field, then wrapping is not permitted. When all the LOG data sets have been used due to successive LOGSWAP commands, the previous LOG data sets cannot be reused. After the last LOG data set is used, any further LOGSWAP commands are rejected.

If you specify 'YES' in the 'Are Activity Logs to Wrap?' field, log wrapping is allowed according to the following rules:

  • If you are directing your LOG data sets to SYSOUT, then, as each LOGn DD card is used, the data set is dynamically unallocated as a result of the FREE=CLOSE option. In this case, you can reissue an ALLOC command to reallocate another SYSOUT file under the same DD name. 

    For example: 

    This DD name is now available for use as another LOG data set. Subsequent LOGSWAP operations can now reuse this LOG data set rather than rejecting the command when the last LOG data set is used. 
  • If 'YES' is specified but the LOG DD cards point to sequential data sets, Log wrapping overwrites the earlier LOG data held in these data sets. You should take precautions to archive the existing data before allowing the wrap to occur.


 Additional Information:


Please review the section “Implementing Activity Logs” in the Administrating Guide for Netmaster for TCP/IP.




Release: SLOPFC00200-12.1-NetMaster-File Transfer Management