The dropdown list is invisible for a required field - both the background and the text values are Red. What can I do to see the values in the list?


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After I click on the down arrow, the background and the text values in the list are Red and so I cannot see the values. The field is a required field and so I must select a value. What can I do to see the values in the list?


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. To reproduce the problem, there is a requirement that a value must be selected for a dropdown field; a value of <empty> is not acceptable. 

    A simple way to reproduce the problem in an out-of-the-box test environment is to install the multi-tenancy option by using Options Manager, re-start the CA Service Desk Manager service(s), login as a user running under the Administrator role, create the service provider Tenant, log out, log back in, open a form and then attempt to select a value for a required field that is a dropdown type of field.  

    In a multi-tenancy environment, a "Tenant" field is included on the New Incident form and, in an out-of-the-box installation,  it is a dropdown field; by design, a value for the Tenant field must be selected when a new incident is created. 
  2. After following the previous step to enable the multi-tenancy option, click on the Service Desk tab, then click on "File", and then select "New Incident..."
  3. In the Create New Incident form, do not click anywhere and do not press any key on your keyboard.  Notice that, in the Tenant field, "<empty>" is displayed at the top.  The color of "<empty>" is white and the background is a highlighted (the focus is here). Click to the right of the dropdown in order to move focus away from the Tenant field.  Notice that the color of "<empty>" in the Tenant field is black and the background is white.
  4. In the Create New Incident form, click Save. Notice that the border around the dropdown is now Red, the color of "<empty>" is white and the background is a highlighted blue (the window focus is here). Click to the right of the dropdown:  The color of "<empty>" is now black and the background is red, the dropdown arrow is black with a white background. Click on the dropdown arrow. The list of entries seems to be blank because both the text for each entry Red and the background is Red).


The situation is a problem in the product for which a solution is available.

There is no verified workaround available. 


CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) 14.1 GA, with no cumulative patches and no test patches applied. Note: "GA" means the "Generally Available" base version for CA SDM 14.1.


Apply the most recent Cumulative patch.  The earliest cumulative patch that contains the solution is Cumulative patch #1, which is also referred to as version 14.1.01.

Additional Information

Information on upgrading the GA version CA Service Desk Manager 14.1 to the most recent release is on the Service Management 14.1 Wiki.