Why is a user specified in the host-specific properties file on the Remote Execution Agent.
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Why is a user specified in the host-specific properties file on the Remote Execution Agent.


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Workload Automation Agent




What is the user defined in the Remote Executions Agents remote host property file in the default.user parameter?


This user is used to specify the default user name to connect to the remote system. The agent requires the default user name to verify the running job status. The default user requires the appropriate rights to read and remove files that other users create such as spool files.

The default.user does not execute job, the user in the job definition executes the command.


Additional Information:

Verify whether the default user can log in to the remote system without having to respond to any messages. If the default user requires responses to messages to configure the environment, configure the login task that is specified in the system properties file. Otherwise, the job will fail.

  • The agent does not support public key authentication for SSH. Specify a password (encrypted) for the default user in the default.password property.

Here is a link to the wiki page that explains configuring the remote host property file


Here is an example how you can view the user executing the command DIR command as the user MARVIN in the proxy.log on the Workload Automation Agent

05/05/2016 11:53:14.252 CDT-0500 5 ProxyPlugin.proxy Internal Thread.CybWOBRunProxyHandler.processWob[:139] - Submission thread started for WOB : PRJOB3/DPPRXY01.61/MAIN: Command1("DIR") RemoteTarget(I64vm5) User(MARVIN) Password(9B243050A5917B39) MFUser(POWDO03)



Release: WKLASE99000-11.3-Workload Automation-Agent SE