Force Agent Registration
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Force Agent Registration


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How do I force an Agent to register to the DSM Explorer?


CA Client Automation: All supported versions


The command 'caf register all' will force an agent to register or re-register the Scalability Server it currently reports to.


To change where an Agent registers the command 'caf setserveraddress [server name]' can be used.

Alternatively the command 'caf setserveraddress' will show where the agent is currently registered.

Other helpful commands:

caf status                                    This gives the status of all CAF Plugins (that are enabled).

caf status <plugin name>             This will give detailed information about a specific plugin.

caf start                                      Starts all CAF plugins. 

caf start <Plugin_name>              Starts a specific plugin.

caf stop                                       Stops all CAF plugins(if plugin is in use it will give it 220 seconds to finish it's process).

caf stop <Plugin_name>               Stops a specific plugin(if plugin is in use it will give it 220 seconds to finish it's process).

caf kill all                                    Immediately stops all plugins.

caf kill <plugin_name>                Immediately stops a specific plugin.

caf disable <plugin_name>          Causes that plugin to be disabled and not start automatically

caf enable <plugin-name>           Causes that a disabled plugin to be enabled and start automatically

The Agent can also be updated from the DSM Explorer by Right-Clicking on the agent and selecting Asset Jobs/Activate Job Check

and selecting All options on the following window.


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