TMSXTEND control statement UNIQUE_RNAME usage.
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TMSXTEND control statement UNIQUE_RNAME usage.


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CA 1 Flexible Storage



When should the UNIQUE_RNAME control statement in TMSXTEND be used?








If you have 2 or more occurrences of CA 1 running in the same GRS/plex or MIM/plex and they do not use the same TMC, then activation of the UNIQUE_RNAME feature will prevent the systems from locking each other out of the TMC when there is no need to do so.  Without this feature CA 1 always enqueues for the resources of TMS-TMC and TMS-AUD when an update is made to the TMC.  With the feature activated the enqueues are for TMS-TMC-vvvvvv-Data.Set.Name and TMS-AUD-vvvvvv-Data.Set.Name.  With this feature activated it will prevent an enqueue from one system stopping an enqueue on another when they don't share the TMC or Audit files.  This feature does not need to be activated when all of the systems in the plex share the TMC and Audit files.  Informational APAR RI64372 has more information about this feature.