Does RC/Merger support partition rotation?
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Does RC/Merger support partition rotation?


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS



When using RC/Merger Copy to migrate data from one subsystem to another, there is a problem if the Tablespace on the target subsystem has been the subject of a partition rotation. RC/Merger does not take into the account that the physical partition no longer matches the logical partition.

Does RC/Merger support a Tablespace whose partitions have been rotated?



RC/Merger does not currently support partition rotation.


Additional Information:

Reference the RC/Migrator User Guide, with regards to considerations for Migration Strategies and Table-Controlled Partitioning. This section in the Table Chapter documents that RC/Merger does not currently support partition rotation.

Migration Strategy Considerations

Note the following migration strategy considerations for TCP processing:

If you migrate a tablespace for a TCP table that has had its partitions rotated, you must also include the table in that migration strategy. If you do not include the table, the tablespace partitions will not be reordered properly.

If a tablespace has been rotated, RC/Merger cannot be used to move or copy the tablespace. Do not perform rotations if you intend to use RC/Merger on the tablespace.



Release: ENDV2A00200-14.5-Endevor-SCM Interface-for DB2 for z/OS