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The subproject List view does not display custom Status Indicator values correctly


Article ID: 42479


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Clarity PPM On Premise



When the investment Status Indicator lookup is customized and new values are added, custom values are not properly displayed on subproject list views.

Steps to Reproduce 

1.Log in as an administrator
2. Navigate to the Lookup - Investment Status Indicator
3. Click on the Values tab
4. Click New and enter name of New and id 5
5. Navigate to the Object - Project
6. Click on Attributes
7. Click on the Status Indicator
8. In the Display Mapping section add another (enter Color=Pink, Description and Value = New)
9. Save
10. Create a new project or master project
11. Click on the Subproject link
12. Add a project
13. Click on the project name
14. Click on the Schedule link
15. Set the Status Indicator to New and Save
16. Navigate back to your master or program subproject list

Expected: The Status Indicator to be pink

Actual: The status Indicator is Red



This is caused by CLRT-70863



After a careful review by Sustaining Engineering it has been determined that the bug will not be fixed as it requires rewriting of page to ODF/studio


Additional Information:

Custom status indicator values display as Red on the Subproject list of a master project or program.
The subproject list view is an internal, system-restricted portlet (ID=project.Subprojects) that cannot be configured by a CA PPM
Administrator. Therefore, when new lookup values are added to the lookup, the Icon Color Mapping cannot be updated to reflect the new values and any new value selected on the investment will show a status indicator value corresponding to the 'Critical' value (Red).


Release: 451-101-14.4-Clarity-Creator User License