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What function should I choose that will preserve my formatting while masking similar to HASHLOV?


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)



When using the Fast Data Masker Tool, we get an error from ASE to the effect:

"VARCHAR is incompatible with MAINTENANCE TOKEN"

When the masker encounters control-characters such as "Carriage-Return" in the data field, we get: 

"FDM: ASE DB error: VARCHAR is incompatible with MAINTENANCE TOKEN"

Which Function should we use that is similar to HASHLOV but will preserve the formatting/special characters?


FAST DATA MASKER versions 3.2.1-current

ASE DB (originally known as Sybase SQL Server)


FORMATENCRYPT (Mask a value retaining the original format. Only characters a...z A...Z and 0…9 will be masked. FORMATENCRYPT is more secure than FORMATMASK and can assure data consistency.)

The FORMATENCRYPT function consistently masks the given column values by preserving the original format and keeping the unique values.

Parameters: No mandatory parameters

Applies to: Characters and numbers only

Examples: The following are the examples:

·        ‘Denzel’ to Yetqmo

·        ‘Tellus’ to Oerccv

·        ‘Dervorgilla’ to Yexmwuzwzws

·        ‘59109.34’ to 29821.00

·        ‘28727.34’ to 81297.00



Release: TDMTDD99000-3.5-Test Data Manager-for Test Data on Demand