SCM broker service startup fails with no error message
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SCM broker service startup fails with no error message


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


An attempt to start SCM Broker service from Windows services menu fails.

The service starting sequence begins and after a while it terminates with no error displayed on the screen.



Release: CA Harvest SCM Broker 


One of the main causes of this problem is with the port that SCM broker attempts to start the service on.

If another application running on the same machine has already opened this port it becomes unavailable and therefore, SCM Broker fails to start.

Use netstat command on the SCM Broker machine to find out whether or not the port is already open.

Sometimes it might happen that there is an agent services already running on the same port prior to starting the agent. If that is the case either:

-      Change the agent port to another port and restart the agent, or

-      Change the SCM Broker starting port to another value.