How to access to MAI session definition by batch ?
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How to access to MAI session definition by batch ?


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SOLVE:Access Session Management SOLVE


How to access to MAI session definitions by batch?




Release: SLACCS00200-5-SOLVE:Access-Session Management


MAI Session Lists define the applications that your SOLVE:Access users are allowed to access and the parameters for the session setup. MAI session lists are stored on the ACDB UDB. Each MAI session list is made up of a number of session entries that are uniquely defined by the session identifier.

The MAI Session List interface is provided to retrieve, modify and store MAI session lists and their entries. It provides a logical interface that hides the physical file format. By using this interface your code is protected from file changes that future versions of SOLVE:Access may require.




Additional Information

A complete description of available options can be found in CA Solve:Access Session Management Administration Guide 5.0 – Appendix F : MAI Session List NCL interface.