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How to configure the change detection report to filter out file date and time stamp changes? (i.e. log files)


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CENDURA CA Configuration Automation


When CCA executes a management profile, by default, a snapshot is taken and a change detection report is generated comparing the current snapshot with the last snapshot.

Sometimes too many changes are being reported, i.e. log files that are always changing.

How to configure in the blueprint to filter out changes detected for file size and time stamp changes?


CA Configuration Automation - All versions


In the following scenario, a simple application has the following file and directory structure.


A blueprint has been created to monitor the application and log sub-directory contents.

The blueprint $(Root) is configured to monitor the c:\application directory and file contents.



Notice that the managed $(Root) and log directories have been added into File Management and File Filters and Attributes sections.

Filters are configured in the File Filters and Attributes section.

The log directory has been configured with File Size Variant and Time Variant filters for running the Change Detection reports.
Note: The Server Specific and Service Specific filters have also been added.  The will enable the filter to be applied when running the Server Comparison and Service Comparison reports against different systems.



The config.cfg file is being managed and does not have any filters added, so all changes will reported.



The activity.log file has been configured with the File Size Variant, Time Variant, Server Specific, and Service Specific filters have been added.



The application.ini file is being managed with no filters added.


After running a discovery and management profile a snapshot is taken.

Notice the blueprint shows the 5 discovered files.




A change is then applied to all 5 files in the application

management profile is executed to refresh the data.

Another snapshot is taken and the change detection report is generated after comparing with the previous snapshot data.


Notice the report only shows changes to the two files:  application.ini and config.cfg files where no filters were added.