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Installation of CIC runs into error 1603


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When installing Client Automation manager, the installation aborts at the point where CIC is being installed. Following error pops up:

<Please see attached file for image>

2016-01-22 11_06_30-ROHQBUW12CM20 - error.jpg

CICSetup.log contains messages similar to:


12:35:31 CIC Setup started in Installation Mode

12:35:31 CIC Setup is running unattended

12:35:31 Setting installer backgound with product name - Content Import Client

12:35:31 OS Language is English (1033)

12:35:31 Selected Language is - 1033

12:35:31 Reading D:\ITCM 12.8  DVD1\WindowsProductFiles_x86\CIC\Config.ini->InstallInfo->CICManagerShortcuts

12:35:31 CICManagerShortcuts = 0

12:35:31 EULA license accepted.

12:35:31 Application features will be installed.

12:35:31 Readme features will be installed.

12:35:31 Readme icon will be installed.

12:35:31 SilentReadData - This is ONLINE MODE

12:35:31 Criteria - Microsoft SQL Server

12:35:31 CIC Manager shortcuts will not be installed

12:35:31 FeatureSelectItem for CICMgrShortcuts set to FALSE

12:35:31 Beginning SQL Server CA-MDB check.

12:35:31 Server:

12:35:31 Instance: SQLCA

12:35:31 User:     ca_itrm_CIC

12:35:31 Password: ********

12:35:31 Port:     10000

12:35:31 MDB Name: mdb

12:35:31 Driver:   C:\Users\dsmadmin\AppData\Local\Temp\1\{CA0E6B5D-F820-477F-80C4-23F97C6CD2E2}\

12:35:32 SQL Server CA-MDB validation failed

12:35:34 Installation aborted


Domain Manager on Windows platform


Installation takes place from DVD image whose path contains a space D:\ITCM 12.8  DVD1\WindowsProductFiles_x86


Although it is a good idea to copy the DVD image to the local hard drive and initiate the setup.exe from that path, make sure the path you copy the DVD image to is a simple path, no special characters, preferably short (no longer than 8 characters), e.g. C:\ITCM128



Release: UASIT.99000-12.8-Asset Intelligence


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