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CAUGUI CONLOG slow to launch on virtual Server


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CA Unicenter NSM



After migrating a Unicenter Network & Systems Management Enterprise Management component, from running on a Physical Server to running on a Virtual Server, launching of the GUI for the Console Log (CONLOG) takes much longer to launch, eg.:

Launch of Console, switch to previous day's Log...

Before, i.e. when running on a Physical Server:  7 secs 2 secs.

After, i.e. now running on a Virtual Server:  230 secs 115 secs 



Check the Enterprise Management (EM) setting:

"Server Node Name" (SERVERNODE). issuing a 'cautenv dumpini' command, and reviewing the subsequent output for the value of 'SERVERNODE'.
Ensure this setting points to the Physical Node Name, and then recycle (stop/start) the Unicenter NSM Enterprise Management OPR Component, which controls the launching of the Console Log. 


Additional Information:

The value of SERVERNODE can be modified by running command:

 cautenv setopt SERVERNODE <nodename>

...where <nodename> is set to the Physical Node Name.


The Unicenter NSM Enterprise Management OPR Component can be recycled by running commands:

 unicntrl stop opr                                                                                                                                                                                                            unicntrl start opr


Release: TNGRMO05500-3.1-Network and Systems Management-Network Performance Option