Enable AES encryption between ESP and Agent
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Enable AES encryption between ESP and Agent


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ESP Workload Automation


List of steps to enable AES encryption.


Steps to enable AES encryption:

1. In page mode run the command below:
Example: CRYPTKEY DEFINE KEYNAME(<keyname>) KEY(X'<32 hexadecimal characters>') AES
   In the agent home directory, issue the "keygen" command with the same key as above to create the key for the server. 

Example: keygen 0x<32 hexadecimal characters> AES

Note: The encryption keygen command is stored in the "cryptkey.txt" file in the agent home directory

2. stop/start the agent.
3. Add the agent and the key name to the AGENTDEF member in the ESP init PARMLIB(AGENTDEF)
      Example: AGENT AGENTA ADDRESS(999.9.9.255) PORT(<port>) UNIX ASCII TCPIP -
                          PREFIXING ENCRYPT KEY(<keyname>)                         
4. In pagemode Run  OPER LOADAGDF '<hlq.xxx.PARMLIB(AGENTDEF)' command to refresh the updated AGENTDEF member.