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Action Item status can be updated by both the resource assigned to it and the process initiator within the Collaboration Tab


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The process initiator can change the status of action item without be assigned to it causing security problems in the approppriate process life cycle

Steps to Reproduce:

1 - Create two users:  'A' & 'B' 

2 - Create a process based on project object start --> finish 

3 - Create an action item in start step with 'Done' as answer and put user B as Assignees 

4 - Add a post condition in start step (Number of assignees with Status Done > 0 ) 

5 - Validate and activate the process 

6 - With user 'A' create a project and then initiate the process created in step #2 

7 - Go to Processes / Click under process ID and make sure that it´s notifying the user that you selected in step #2 

8 - Go to Collaboration Tab / Action Items 

9 - Status column, change from 'Open' to 'Done' 

10 - Click on 'Save' 

11 - Go back to Processes tab, and process it's completed


Actual Result: Initiator is able to change status of the action item

Expected Result: Initiator should not be able to change the action item if he/she is not assigned to the step


Environment: /


Caused by CLRT-80413



Status = Open. This issue is logged with our development team for a disposition.



You can use Organizer Portlet for action item management


Additional Information:

Similar issue was registered in the past using Organizer, but this time it's happening only using Collaboration Tab, for more information please read the following technical document: TEC602484



Release: 451-101-14.4-Clarity-Creator User License