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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


There is one user attempting to merge a package.  His Eclipse workspace freezes and he decides to kill Eclipse. This leaves Oracle with a locked session, thereby blocking any other update/insert/delete transaction accessing the same table(s) blocked by the locked session.


The Package was locked. It was determined that this locking transaction was created by a user manually closing their Eclipse Workspace session during a long-running Harvest process.


CA Harvest SCM with SQL Server database.User was using the Eclipse plugin with Eclipse Kepler x64 bit on Windows 8.1 


The Database administrator should check to see if there is a query in SQL server that is blocking the  Harvest DB. The workaround is to kill the query.  After this all users are ok to resume, EXCEPT the user that attempted to merge that can not continue working.

Next, check the package status , if status is locked unlock it  using the Harvest command line utility hpkgunlk.exe.  The syntax of the unlock package is provided below:

hpkgunlk -b <Broker Name > -usr <user name > -pw < password> -en <project name>

Be sure to check the "hpkgunlk.log" file after the command to confirm that it was successful.

If package is not blocked, check Oracle "blocking event" and report it to CA support.

Additional Information

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Harvest Software Change Manager if you have further questions.