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What should be done when Quick-Edit displays panel ENDIEH23?


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Why Quick-Edit displays panel ENDIEH23 when you Edit an element and What should be done in such a case ?



The panel ENDIEH23 is displayed when a fetch is performed from an upper element version already locked by a Package. The panel informs that package execution will be frozen. The reason is that the edit action issues an exclusive ENQueue against CTLIELEM(Fetched Element currently in Edit) and only the release of the ENQueue will allow the package execution to complete.

In order to help being aware of this situation, the panel ENDIEH23 is displayed to suggest 3 options :

1.    Go ahead with the edit request by hitting enter - NOT ADVISABLE if the package is in-execution because the Enqueue will remain active until the element is saved or the Edit action is cancelled.             

2.    Issue the SAVE command and continue editing the element as the ENQueue will be released and package execution will continue.    

3.   Cancel the edit request by hitting PF3 in order to release the ENQueue immediately.   



Only available from Endevor 15.1, this is the result of a new check added to detect if the upper (fetched) element has been locked by a package.


Release: ENDAE.00200-15.1-Endevor-Software Change Manager