Spectrum MIB Tools placing mib in Unknown folder
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Spectrum MIB Tools placing mib in Unknown folder


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CA Spectrum


After compiling and adding a vendor mib into Spectrum MIB Tools, the mib is placed in the Unknown folder and not in the expected vendor folder. For example, the IB-SMI-MIB as seen below:


Release: Any version of Spectrum


During import of any mib in MIB Tools, Spectrum finds the common OID between the MODULE-IDENTITY and the Root Node of the mib. If the common OID has vendor, it places the MIB in the vendor folder.

The Root Node of the IB-SMI-MIB.mib is "enterprises" (, children of the root node are "infoblox (, ibDNSServ ( and ibDHCPServ (". The common OID in between all children of the root node is As vendor is empty in the common OID, Spectrum placed the IB-SMI-MIB.mib in "Unknown" folder. 


As multiple vendors defined in the IB-SMI-MIB.mib, the common OID is " ( 7779 - infoblox ) ( 32 - Santa Cruz Operation ) ( 9999 - Zerna, Koepper & Partner )


None as this needs to be addressed by the vendor of the mib.