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Client Automation - RC Status in status Locked


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In Client Automation DSM Explorer GUI a machine has status Locked in RC Status column.


When we try to take control of this machine, following error appears :

Unable to establish a remote control session:

DSM Remote Control is not currently listening for connections


Client Automation - All Versions


- Solution #1:

Simply right-click on the 'locked' machine in DSM Explorer and in the dialog that appears select:

    Remote Control -> Action -> Unlock

If this does not work after refreshing the display, then the following solution can be attempted on the client side:

- Solution #2

On the machine with Locked RC Status, open a DOS prompt and execute these commands :

caf stop rchost

ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterAttribute -ps itrm/rc/host/general -pn settings -an Locked -v 0

caf start rchost