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CA Auditor (aka Examine) option 2.2.4 gets message "The HFS File cannot be found." How do I set this up to work?


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Auditor for z/OS


When I try to specify option 2.2.4 (Choices - APF - HFS) I get a pop up message indicating:  The HFS File cannot be found.

What needs to be done to use this option?








Component: EXAMIN


To enable the optional HFS Analysis feature of CA Auditor requires the use of the Central Parameter File, and a 

configuration ZAP to identify the Central Parameter File to CA Auditor.

Installation/Configuration Summary:

1. Allocate the Central Parameter File.  Sample JCL to do this is in member ALLCCPRM of the CAJ0JCL0 library.

2. Generate the configuration ZAP.  Sample JCL to do this is in member GENCZAP of the CAJ0JCL0 library.

     This creates the CNFGZAP member in the CAJ0JCL0 library.
    ***  see below for alternative allocation of configuration information

 3. SMP/E RECEIVE and APPLY the CNFGZAP (the ZAP to Auditor).  Sample JCL is in members 


    ***  see below for alternative allocation of configuration information

 4. Allocate the HFS analysis file.  Sample JCL is in member EXHFSPP of the CAJ0JCL0 library.
     This has 6 steps to collect the HFS file information and to create and populate the HFSAPFDS file.

 5. Create a member in the Central Parameter File (the auditor_hlsq.EPARM.DATA file 

    created in step 1) named EXDATA that points to the HFSAPFDS file.  

    SAMPLE EXDATA member (all lines begin in column 1):

 * Member: EXDATA                                                 

 * The EXDATA member identifies the data set name of the external 

 * data store used by the HFS File APF analysis function.         

 * Change the sample parameters to specify the actual DSN value and     

 * volser value used at your site.     



You can optionally allocate the CAJ0PARM DD statement (file) to your central parameter file.
CA Auditor checks if a DD statement (file) has been defined for CAJ0PARM. If so, CA Auditor does the following:

  • Attempts to open the file and process its contents.
  • Close and deallocate the file and continue initialization.
If you are using EXAMLIBD or equivalent rexx to allocate files and libraries to start  ca auditor,
You can add a command in the REXX to allocate the CAJ0PARM DD.


Additional Information


Additional information and details can be found in the CA Auditor for z/OS - 12.1  
Documentation (section: Customize the central Parameter file).