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Why is CA Chorus Software Manager 6.0 updating several products during PTF APPLY?


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)



The APPLY PTF wizard allows you to run in ONLINE or OFFLINE mode. Online mode downloads latest available maintenance during the process.

How does CA CSM determine for which products maintenance is being downloaded?

Why are sometimes more products updated than expected?


When applying PTFs in online mode, MSM downloads all prerequisites for the PTFs and that requires to update the product by Get Latest Maintenance. The problem is that we don’t know which product exactly should be updated. We know all products that are related to the PTFs but we are not able to point to the one that we are maintaining.

Therefore, we have an algorithm that selects a set of relevant products to be updated so that we are sure that no prerequisites is missing. The algorithm uses data of ProductFmid.xml file for the decision. This file is stored on one of our ftpserver and is periodically generated.

Therefore it is possible that a number of products are being updated during the process and not only that particular product the maintenance is being done for.

Additional Information:

Workaround is to use offline mode and regularly update products.

E.g. run Get Latest Maintenance for the product upfront and then choose OFFLINE during APPLY.


Component: MSM