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IPDI5216 Note: SNMP response IPSNPK09 No resp from x.x.x.x - SNMP may be unauth/unavailable.


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CMDB for z/OS NetSpy Network Performance NetMaster Network Automation SOLVE NetMaster Network Management for SNA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP NetMaster File Transfer Management


Problem :

- Primary Menu - Condition Summary  displays Stack Monitoring Status SNMPError 
- IPDI5216  Note: SNMP response IPSNPK09 No resp from x.x.x.x - SNMP may be unauth/unavailable ... from a SELFTEST or /IPTEST

Cause :
Netmaster is using SNMP to monitor IP resources. In case of error, the automation and monitoring on IP resources will fail.
Resolution :


The main reason of this error is a mismatch on SNMP community name. When a SNMP query is sent, the community name is checked with the one from the SNMP agent.


There are three possible reasons for the mismatch :



   a)   Netmaster has not sent the correct community name


       To resolve this problem, do the following:


    1.   Enter the '/IPADMIN' shortcut and select 'S - Maintain SNMP Host Details'

    2.   From this screen, select the MASK that you would like to change, eg.:


    *.*.*.*                   V1  Express Setup by XXXXXX - XXXX(0002)    

    1.2.*.*                   V2C hi                                                     V2C hi                                      




    3.   In the 'U=Update' selection you can change the SNMP options:


      Identify the SNMP Host                                                


      IP Address/Mask............ *.*.*.*                                 

      Description ............... Express Setup by XXXXXX - XXXX(0002)     

      SNMP Version to Use ....... V1   (V1 V2C or V3)                      


      Community Names (For SNMP V1 or SNMP V2C)                              

        SNMP GET Community Name ... public                                   

        SNMP SET Community Name ... 



   The SNMP GET Community Name is the value required for read privileges on the remote host, and the SNMP SET Community Name is

   the  value required to change values on the remote host.


   4.   Change the Community Name to the one you use. When you change any values, do a 'PF4' to SAVE it.


   5.   Re-run the SELFTEST.


b)  The SNMP Agent is configured with an incorrect community name



To resolve this problem, do the following:


Update the TCPIP PROFILE and check the name found from



   The xxxxxx represents the community name and must match the one from PWSRC. 


c)   An error has occurred during SNMP Agent initialization (OSNMPD, SNMPD) reported in the Joblog.


Review and correct the error. The SNMP Agent should start successfully.




Release: SLOPFC00200-12.1-NetMaster-File Transfer Management