Which components need to be restarted for time zone changes ?
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Which components need to be restarted for time zone changes ?


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VM:Manager Suite for z/VM


Which VM:Manager component service machines need to be restarted after a time zone change ?



Release: MFVMPM00400-1.2-Mainframe VM Product Manager


We recommend the following products are restarted:

VM:Archiver  -  Recycle VMARCH

 VM:Backup  -  Recycle VMBACKUP

 VMB HiDRO  - Recycle HiDRO when it is convenient but the customer should know that human displayed time information will be wrong until the product is recycled.

 VM:Spool  - Recycle VMSPOOL

VM:Tape  -  Recycle VMTAPE


The following products do not require a restart:   

VM:Schedule Release 2.0 with RO75067 applied - recycle not required as RO75067 restores the ability to operate over the clock 

change without restarting the server, as previous releases did.   

VM:Batch – Shift reconfiguration is done on a time zone change so a recycle is not required.

VM:Account – Time zone change causes VM:Account’s shift change process to run. This process gets new date time information and re-establishes the next shift.

VM:Sort – doesn’t  have or need time zone support since it runs in a user’s machine and is not a service machine product. VM:Sort is a utility like any other sort package.

VM:Secure and VM:Director –  The product cuts audit record 1060 that marks the event and does other internal processing for the time zone change, so recycle is not required.

VM:Operator  - VM:Operator closes the syslog file, so recycle is not required.