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How to clean-up failed CA Business Intelligence (CABI) report instances programmatically?


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How to clean-up failed CA Business Intelligence (CABI) 3.x report instances programmatically?


Be sure to backup the CABI CMS database and CABI server prior to performing these steps.  The script provided will query the CMS database for all instances that have a SI_SCHEDULE_STATUS = 3 (3 being failed).  It then loops through all the found instances and deletes them in batches as specified in the 'int batchSize' setting.  The script outputs to the web browser the instances names and IDs of what is being deleted.

1.  Download and extract the file to the "/<Tomcat>/webapps/InfoViewApp/" directory on the CABI Server

2.  Edit the JSP file using a text editor

3.  At the top of the file, change the username, password, and CMSName values to be appropriate for your environment.  You can also change the batch deletion size by modifying the 'ini batchSize' value.

String userName = "Administrator";

Sting password = "Password123";

String CMSName = "CABIServer:6400";

int bathSize = 1000;

4.  Save changes

5.  Run the script by access htt[://<CABI ServerName>:<Tomcat Port>/InfoViewApp/deleteFailedInstancesV3.jsp from a web browser.  For example http://CABI123:8080/InfoViewApp/deleteFailedInstancesV3.jsp


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License

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