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How to add new Custom Fields in Provisioning Directory and/or User Directory (CA Directory)


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How to add new Custom Fields in Provisioning Directory and/or User Directory (CA Directory)



CA Identity Manager 12.5.x and 12.6.x



You just need to export your Prov/User Directory XML file and add the new ones, see below a sample 


1. Export Prov/User Dir XML file 

2. Backup this file in case you need it 

3. Edit the XML file and search for the last CustomFieldxx available in your XML file

4. Copy this line, entire line 

5. Paste it after below and change the physicalname, description and displayname 

6. Save the file 

7. Re-import the XML file and Restart environment. 


Below a sample with 5 new eTCustomFields for PROVISIONING Directory


<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="eTCustomField11" description="Custom Field 11" displayname="Custom Field 11" valuetype="String" multivalued="true" maxlength="0"/> 

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="eTCustomField12" description="Custom Field 12" displayname="Custom Field 12" valuetype="String" multivalued="true" maxlength="0"/> 

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="eTCustomField13" description="Custom Field 13" displayname="Custom Field 13" valuetype="String" multivalued="true" maxlength="0"/> 

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="eTCustomField14" description="Custom Field 14" displayname="Custom Field 14" valuetype="String" multivalued="true" maxlength="0"/> 

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="eTCustomField15" description="Custom Field 15" displayname="Custom Field 15" valuetype="String" multivalued="true" maxlength="0"/> 


Each line it is a new "eTCustomField"



Below a sample with 5 new eTCustomFields for USER Directory

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="CustomField20" description="CustomField20" displayname="CustomField20" valuetype="String" maxlength="0"/>

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="CustomField19" description="CustomField19" displayname="CustomField19" valuetype="String" maxlength="0"/>

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="CustomField18" description="CustomField18" displayname="CustomField18" valuetype="String" maxlength="0"/>

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="CustomField17" description="CustomField17" displayname="CustomField17" valuetype="String" maxlength="0"/>

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="CustomField16" description="CustomField16" displayname="CustomField16" valuetype="String" maxlength="0"/>

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="CustomField15" description="CustomField15" displayname="CustomField15" valuetype="String" maxlength="0"/>

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="CustomField14" description="CustomField14" displayname="CustomField14" valuetype="String" maxlength="0"/>

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="CustomField13" description="CustomField13" displayname="CustomField13" valuetype="String" maxlength="0"/>

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="CustomField12" description="CustomField12" displayname="CustomField12" valuetype="String" maxlength="0"/>

<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="CustomField11" description="CustomField11" displayname="CustomField11" valuetype="String" maxlength="0"/>


Each line it is a new "CustomField"




Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.7-Identity Manager-B to B