Datacom and UDFT
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Datacom and UDFT


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What is an UDFT?

Datacom PTF RO89483 is making reference to UDFT. 


Release: 14.0 and above 



An SQL User-Defined Function Table (UDFT) is similar to an External Procedure but is used in a query as if it were a normal table.

A UDFT, like a normal table, is invoked when its name is referenced. 

A UDFT is not called by a program or trigger.

Unlike a normal table, however, a UDFT is read-only.

Unlike an External Procedure, a UDFT returns a table row, whose columns are declared in the CREATE FUNCTION statement in the RETURNS clause. ...


Additional Information

UDFT was introduced with Datacom Version 14.0 via PTF RO40578 for some Datacom/AD product usage. It is now fully available and documented for Datacom Version 15.0 and above. 

See the Datacom 15.1 documentation section  SQL User Defined Function Table (UDFT)