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Invalid password for <RemoteAgentHostname>


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister



When running hrefresh we’re getting the error:

Attempting to login to remote agent…

Invalid password for <RemoteAgentHostname>


The hrefresh.cfg file contains instructions that tell Harvest which remote agent folders to synchronize with the Harvest repository based on the project name and state. Two of the parameters on each configuration line in this file are the names of encrypted password files. The first of the two files to specify should contain the login userid and password to use for Harvest to complete the check out (the same userid you would use to login to Workbench). The second of the two should contain the userid and password to be used to make the connection to the remote agent machine. These credentials should be valid login credentials, as if you were logging in on that machine with Remote Desktop or Putty.

The above error message will be returned if the credentials in the second of the two dfo files is incorrect.

Execute the svrenc command to re-create the encrypted password file that should contain the remote agent login information.

Additional Information:

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Harvest Software Change Manager if you have further questions.


Release: SCMNCR99000-12.5-Harvest-Software Change Manager-Named User-Competitive Replacem