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Network Configuration Manager backup fails with errors while using SSH


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CA Spectrum


Using SSH to backup configurations in Network Configuration Manager fails with the following errors:

"SPC-OCC-10750: Unknown failure"

SPC-NCM-20007: Capture Running Script Returned Error [255]: "make_path" is not exported by the File::Path module "remove_tree" is not exported by the File::Path module

In the NCMServ.out we can see " SSHSCP1: premature EOF"


By default, NCM uses mindterm libraries for SSH and SCP. Some devices have an issue with this API causing these errors.


Release: Any
Component: NCM


Make a backup of the $SPECROOT/NCM/config.xml file.

Edit the $SPECROOT/NCM/config.xml file and change the following line:

<ssh-library type="java.lang.String">mindterm</ssh-library>

Change it to read as follows:

<ssh-library type="java.lang.String">jsch</ssh-library>

Save the change.

Kill the current running ncmservice process. processd will start a new one.

NOTE. The default value is mindterm. You may have to redo these changes after an upgrade.

Additional Information


OpenSSH is not supported in Windows OS environments. Due to Windows socket architecture, file descriptors used by secure shell are not stable. Therefore be aware of any out of box scripts or custom scripts being used for SSH communication through NCM Device Families. The scripts cannot use OpenSSH perl modules. 

Instead, look for scripts that "USE Net::SSH::Expect" modules, such as the OOB Cisco NX OS scripts.