Searching the View Submitted Tasks using the 'Performed On' field
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Searching the View Submitted Tasks using the 'Performed On' field


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The following article outlines instructions for adding an additional search field to the View Submitted Tasks screen in order to search tasks based on the subject of the task. Be it a user, role, group etc. 


In high traffic environments, it is useful to be able to search the view submitted tasks for tasks that were performed on a particular user. Or, as a way of getting the history of all changes that were made to a particular object. Especially if these changes were unsanctioned or an error condition occurred and business flow needs to be reviewed. 


Component: IDMGR


  1. Log in to the Identity Manager User Console as a system manager
  2. Under Roles and Tasks, Modify Admin Task. 
  3. Search for the 'View submitted Tasks' task and select it. 
  4. In the tabs tab, select the pencil next to the 'Submitted Tasks' tab to edit it. 
  5. On the 'Configure Submitted Task Screen, there is a a parameter at the bottom of the screen called 'Configure 
    Performed on'. If configuring this parameter to search on users then from the drop down list, select 'Users'. 
  6. You will then need to select a user search screen. Select Browse and choose the 'Default user search' screen. Submit the task to save the changes. 


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  1. Under System -> View Submitted Tasks, the new Performed ON search field should now be visible. 


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Additional Information

The above instructions also apply for the 'View My Submitted Tasks' task. 


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