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How to download PARes XML (Payer Authentication Response) for a given transaction?


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How to download PARes XML (Payer Authentication Response) for a given transaction?


In cases where transactions have completed authentication, a PARes is posted to the term URL which was received by ACS (Access Control Server) in PAReq. Once the authentication is completed, the authorization cycle begins and this PARes is used by merchant site.

But if the transaction fails after authentication or if the authorization cycle fails, the transaction will eventually fail even though authentication cycle was complete. To investigate such failures where transaction have completed authentication, one would need the PARes.xml posted by ACS to merchant site / term URL.


CA Transaction Manager Access Control Server (ACS)


Below are the steps to extract PARes XML for a transaction that has completed authentication:

  • Log into the CA Transaction Manager Admin Console.
  • Click on “All Transactions” report on your left hand panel which lists all available privileges
  • Select the date/time when the transaction occurred. We recommend that you use the timelines to be as close to the actual transaction time as possible so that tracking the transaction in question will be easy.
  • Now, instead of clicking "Export" to retrieve the report, click "Submit"
  • Locate the transaction in question. You may sometimes need to use the 'Next' button to navigate to the right page to find the transaction.
  • Scroll to right on the screen to take you to the end of the transaction.
  • You will find a link “View” that you can click to view the PARes.
  • You will now have an option to “View” / “Download” the PARes XML from the next screen.
  • This information can then be used to request the merchant and / or the directory server (DS) to investigate the cause for the failure.

Additional Information:

Please note that a PARes is generated and sent to term URL only in cases where authentication cycle is complete. This includes:

  • Successfully Authentication transactions. (PARes of Y)
  • Card holder failed authentication. (PARes of N)
  • Attempts Transactions. (PARes of A)

Hence a PARes XML will not be posted and hence available for:

  • Abandoned transactions. No PARes is sent.
  • Unavailable transactions. (PARes OF U)


Component: TRNACS