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ESPlmi utility and the CAWA Agent for iSeries


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)



I have been supplied with an example of the ESPlmi utility usage; I know that this utility exists within the IFS folder on the iSeries.

How do I run this command on the iSeries? Do I run it from QP2TERM?


i5/OS, CAWA Agent for i5/OS 11.3.x


ESPlmi utility belongs to the agent installation files set on root system, and it is correct - the ESPlmi utility should be run from the PACE environment.

For a synopsis of the utility, you can execute (shown as from the agent's installation directory):
./ESPlmi -h
and produced output will display how to use it:

Syntax: ESPlmi -shost:port -uuserid -ppassword -ccmd -h

When specifying an option that takes an argument, do not enter a space between the option and the argument. For example:
ESPlmi -slpara:1234

Where: -s Specifies the hostname:address and port of the Workstation Server. eg: hosta:3200

-u Specifies the userid to use to log onto the Workstation Server.
-p Specifies the password to use to log onto the Workstation Server.
-c Specifies the command(s) to issue once logged on. The command
can be a list of commands separated by a semi-colon. The
command can also be a file containing commands, indicated by
prefixing the filename (command) with an @ sign.
eg: "-cLAP APPL.0 ALL"
eg: "-cLSYS;LDSN"
eg: "[email protected]:\commands.txt"
-h Displays this message. If specified, other options are ignored.



Release: ENCWLA00200-11.4-Workload Automation-Restart Option-EE