Installation of FAILSAFE USERMOD for z/OS 2.2 in CA-1 Release 14.0
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Installation of FAILSAFE USERMOD for z/OS 2.2 in CA-1 Release 14.0


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How do I install the FAILSAFE USERMOD in z/OS 2.2 for CA-1 Release 14.0?




Release: 12.6 and 14,0
Component: 1


The FAILSAFE USERMOD can be found in the *.CTAPJCL(CTSJUSAF) library of CA-1 Release 14.0. For z/OS 2.2 the installation of the CTSJUSAF in the z/OS SMP zone can be replaced by simply adding the following statement to one of your active PROGxx members of SYS1.PARMLIB:    

   EXIT ADD EXITNAME(OCE_VOLUMEMOUNT) MODNAME(IFG019VM)                                                                                 

The original CTSJUSAF usermod may still be installed as a usermod on your z/OS SMP zone; but this method (available only on z/OS 2.2 systems) is easier to implement and just as effective.  Also, if the FAILSAFE usermod gets control (because the CA 1 intercepts are disabled or are removed) and a response of "C" or "CANCEL" is given to the outstanding WTOR, a system abend (S413 most likely) will occur instead of a S222 abend. And lastly, if you are currently installing the FAILSAFE usermod via an MLPA entry it needs to be removed prior to upgrading to z/OS 2.2.  Previous versions of IFG019RB are NOT compatible with z/OS 2.2 and should not be MLPA'ed into the environment.    


After Rel 14.0 PTF LU01354 the 

PROGxx members of SYS1.PARMLIB must be:


in order for the  CA1 utility TMSCKLVL and the TMS STATUS command to report on whether the FAILSAFE intercept is active or not.