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Process Automation: When I execute a process, the instance that it shows on the screen is for a completely different process.


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CA Process Automation Base



Running a process, or selecting a completed instance from the Operations tab returns a completely different process instance.  Occasionally it is the same process, occasionally it is an instance from a different process.



This will only occur in environments where MYSQL is used as the backend database, and will only occur after a restart of MYSQL.



This is due to MYSQL not having a persistent auto increment value.

When MYSQL is restarted it forgets what the highest value (for ROID in this case) is and defaults to the highest value in the given table.

You can find details on this bug here:



Anytime MYSQL is restarted the following should be done to manually increment the AUTO_INCREMENT value to ensure it is always pointed to the highest ROID value to avoid this issue:

Run the first two queries to find the highest ROID value.

SELECT MAX(roid) FROM c2oruntimeobjects;
SELECT MAX(roid) FROM c2oruntimeobjectsarch;

Then run this alter statement to set the ROID beyond the highest value:

ALTER TABLE c2oruntimeobjects AUTO_INCREMENT = 16079
// Where 16079 is the highest value from ROID from above query results + 5


Release: ITPASA99000-4.3-Process Automation-Add On License for-CA Server Automation