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How to disable windows Logon\logoff Audit events on CA NSM Agent?


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CA Unicenter NSM



How to disable Windows messages like Logon\logoff Audit events on CA NSM  Agent?


 You have to disable the startup of the caoprlog process (Event Management NT EventLog Reader) with these steps executed at the MS-DOS prompt 

cautenv setlocal CAIACTOPRAG NO 

unicntrl stop opr 

unicntrl start opr 

Additional Information: 

Run command “unifstat” and you'll see that component “Event Management NT EventLog Reader “ is INACTIVE 

%CASP_I_124, Component Information for EVTD 
%CASP_I_125, Description: Event Management Daemon 
%CASP_I_126, Current State: 500 - ACTIVE 
%CASP_I_127, Events Queued: 0 
%CASP_I_128, Requisites: 0 
%CASP_I_129, SubComponents: 0 

%CASP_I_124, Component Information for EVTR 
%CASP_I_125, Description: Event Management NT EventLog Reader 
%CASP_I_126, Current State: 325 - INACTIVE 
%CASP_I_127, Events Queued: 0 
%CASP_I_128, Requisites: 0 
%CASP_I_129, SubComponents: 0 
%CASP_I_113, Unifstat - Unicenter status utility 

There won't be any caoprlog.exe process in the Windows task manager 


You’ll still see process  caoprdmn.exe  which is the “Event Management Daemon”


Release: TNGEXO05500-11.2-Management-for Microsoft Exchange