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I cannot upload documents over 20 Mb although I have set the File Upload Size Limit to unlimited


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I have set the "File Upload Size Limit" to unlimited in NSA - Documents and Search, by leaving the field in blank.

But on uploading a document over 20 Mb I still get the error message:

"ERROR Uploaded document exceeds the maximum size limit of 20 MB"


Starting PPM 15.1


The "File Upload Size Limit" cannot be set to unlimited by leaving CSA value blank. This is expected behavior.

When left blank Clarity will use the default size limit of 20 Mb from the governors.


For versions 15.6 and higher:

1. The governor limits are stored in the database. You can refer to the various governors that are available in the documentation.

2. The limits can be changed using the admin governors command

3. For example, to check the current limit against the DMS_DOCUMENT_MAX_SIZE governor, issue the following command:

admin governors -list DMS_DOCUMENT_MAX_SIZE

4. To set the governor to a value different from the default value, issue the following command:

admin governors -set DMS_DOCUMENT_MAX_SIZE 40


For versions prior to 15.6:

You need to change the governor limit, set in a single file located in <INSTALL_DIR>/config (example: C:\Clarity\config) 
1. Open the file $clarity/config/ with a text editor and find the value:

#Maximum Document upload Size

2. Modify the value above to reflect the desired value in MB: 

#Maximum Document upload Size

3. Save the file



Keep in mind you want to keep a reasonable limit as upload of very large files may make the application slow and cause performance issues.

A restart of Clarity services is not usually needed, as the system will detect the changes in governors automatically. If you test the issue after the changes above and still see the problem, then restart the services.