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CA Log Analyzer job under DB2 11 Extended RBA fails with message LAE0181I GEN0298E Converted DB2 BSDS. How can this be addressed?


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After upgrading DB2 11 New Function Mode and converting to Extended RBA, CA Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS (PLA) fails with:
LAE0181I GEN0298E A Converted DB2 11 BSDS detected. Processing ending.

For Releases R19 and R20. 


This problem is caused by converting to extended logging, converting from a 6 Byte RBA to 10 bytes.


DB2 11 NFM Extended RBA on R19 and R20. 


The solution to this problem is to edit the ENABLExx member of hlq.CDBAPARM and add the following: