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AlarmNotifier fails to send email with error "SMTP host not specified" in the alarm notifier.out file.


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CA Spectrum


After setting up Simple Mail on a Windows system, AlarmNotifier fails to send email and displays the error "SMTP host not specified" in the NOTIFIER.OUT.


Release: Any version of DX NetOps Spectrum installed on Windows


The mail service is not properly configured on the system.


Configure Mail Service

You can set up the mail service on Windows so that AlarmNotifier can send email notifications.

Follow these steps:

1. Consult with your mail server administrator to verify the correct values of the mail command parameters.

2. Login to the SpectroSERVER system as the user that owns the Spectrum installation

       Note: The command needs to be run as the same user that the AlarmNotifier is configured to run as. The Settings are stored in the user's HKCU registry area

3. Start a bash shell by running "bash -login"

4. Enter the following command:

mail -m -h -u username

5. The command usage list appears once the command has completed successfully.

6. To verify that the configuration is complete, view the registry entries for


The hostname, smtphost, and username keys now contain the information that you included in the command string.