How can I create a CMS patch in the API Portal with only files that I choose?
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How can I create a CMS patch in the API Portal with only files that I choose?


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Normally patch creation out of the box in the API Portal is an all-or-nothing approach based on the filters that you specify. The default filter is:

Date Range containing Files and Folders in Live or Staging 

This will provide a result of files and directories that have been updated, deleted, or newly added in the specified date range. While this is beneficial to the end user, instead of creating a CMS patch containing the entire CMS directory, it is not very restrictive if you would want only specific files.


A good example would be implementing Localization. After localization in a test portal environment is complete you would want only the files that were modified for localization and none of the other files that may have been modified during the time window by someone else. Those modifications are not necessarily approved to be moved to another API Portal environment. 


- Log into the API Portal CMS page as portal admin or similar administrator (http://yourportalhostname/admin), and navigate to User Administration > Manage Users.

- From there locate your admin account or relevant accounts and select them. 

- Click on the Roles tab and add the role 'developer' from the Available Roles section. 

- Apply All Changes

Now you can select a range of files with the start date/time as you already do, but you can also go through the resulting files and exclude them individually. Either by folder or by individual file. 


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Additional Information:

Keep in mind this should always be tested for full functionality in lower environments before moving to production.


Component: APIPRD


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