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How can I check the license entitlement on the Enterprise Dashboard.


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In DevTest 8 and 9 the license agreement with CA Technologies is based on the maximum number of concurrent user sessions by user type. The Usage Audit report (Export Usage Audit Data) on the Enterprise Dashboard shows the number of concurrent sessions for different user types over a selected time period that have taken place.


Instead of this usage, is it possible to see what the maximum number of concurrent users is that is allowed according to the license contract for each type. Also what is the maximum number of allowed VSE performance installations?


The Enterprise Dashboard provides the license for each individual DevTest registry installation. Typically there is only a need for one Enterprise Dashboard in an organization to allow multiple registries to run.


The usage audit report only shows the usage and not the entitlement according to the contract. Also the devtestlic.xml does not show the entitlement. If the original email at the time of the contract detailing the entitlement is no longer available then the best way to get the entitlement is to open a support case with the CA customer care team (

Additional Information:

Typically the entitlement will detail the maximum number of concurrent user sessions by user type. User types are:

  • Runtime User
  • Test Power User
  • SV Power User
  • PF Power User


It may also list the maximum number of VSE performance installations.



Release: LSASVR99000-8.1-LISA-Server