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What version of the SAP JCO 3.0 package is running.


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Workload Automation Agent



I am using the SAP JCO 3.0 package with the SAP plug-in.  How can I tell what version of this package I am using, which libraries are being loaded and what JCO settings are in place?



 The easiest way to get this information is turn on JCO debugging.  The JCO trace file will have a header file listing versions, locations of the jar and library fileand settings in place.

To turn on debugging set these in the agentparm.txt file 


jco.trace_path=\tmp (This is the directory where the trace will go. You can set it anywhere that is convenient for you.)


Additional Information: 

The trace file will contain version, library and JCO settings in place.  See attached.

jco.trace_level=5 generates a great deal of data in the trace files.  Be cautious when using.



Release: WKLASE99000-11.3-Workload Automation-Agent SE

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