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Steps for developing a web application using ArcotID Javascript client


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How to develop a web application using ArcotID Javascript client?



Authminder: 8.0

JS library: 6.0.6



Below code snippet can be used as a reference while developing an application using ArcotID Javascript library:-

1. To initialize the ArcotID Javascript client, client type should be set as Javascript:

function initArcotIDClient()


//Create the Arcot client

arcotClient = new ArcotClient();

arcotClient.setAttribute("clientType", "Javascript");

// The clientBaseURL is the location where the client (Flash, applet, or ActiveX) is present.

arcotClient.setAttribute("clientBaseURL", clientPath);

// This callback is invoked when the client is loaded successfully

arcotClient.setAttribute("clientReadyCallback", clientReady);

// Check whether the client is supported on the browser




2. To download or import the ArcotID using the client to the desired location (memory, hard disk, or USB)

var ret = arcotClient.ImportArcotID(document.mainform.arcotID.value, downloadType,arcotIDUserName);

Reference file: <sample application>/flow/ArWFDownloadArcotID.jsp


3. To authenticate using the ArcotID client to the desired location (memory, hard disk, or USB)

document.mainform.signedChallenge.value =

arcotClient.SignChallengeEx2(GetArcotIDChallenge(), pwd, user, 

document.mainform.appcontext.value, org);

Reference file: <sample application>/flow/ArWFArcotIDAuthenticate.jsp


Additional Information 

More details about ArcotID Client is explained in Invoking ArcotID PKI Client on Web Page


Release: ARCWFT05900-8-Arcot-WebFort-for Windows