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CAU9MTR - rollback (commit) rc = 134381612


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CA Unicenter NSM



JMO Newday Autoscan fails with message .CASH_E_0055 TRTT I/O error has occurred

Additional messages are:

root CAU9MTR - rollback (commit) rc = 134381612 PROGRAM INFO=376856,cau9mtr.exe TAG=AIX

root CAU9MTR - .CAI_F_DB_029 SQL error OPER_ERR - DB RC = -400007

root .CASH_E_0055 TRTT I/O error has occurred MSGNUM=55 PROGRAM INFO=376856,cau9mtr.exe root 
root .CASH_I_0052 SQL message = .CAI_F_DB_030 SQL error TXN_ABORT - DB RC = -599999



JMO 3.1 0703 on AIX (But it might happen on any other Unix/Linux platform)



In this case, the IO error is about the Trigger Tracking table (hence the TRTT I/Oerror)

This table keeps track of the trigger status.

This is not the table which contain the trigger definitions which is table ca7.trgecord

It might happen when the machine is abruptly stopped or crashed leading in a corrupt trigger status table



We need to clear up this trigger tracking table with these steps.

1. unishutdown sche

2. caidb start cashdb

3. Following sql commands to clear up table:


connect to cashdb;

delete from ca7.trtecord;



4. caidb stop cashdb

5. unistart sche


Additional Information:

1) If possible, it is important to run these steps just after the Newday Autoscan otherwise upon startup of the scheduler, agents connected to this scheduler might be sending back their trigger status  leading in some CASH_I_0023 messages which can trigger other jobs.

2) If you are getting another IO error, please contact CA support to get steps for other tables


Release: TNGRMO05500-3.1-Network and Systems Management-Network Performance Option