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How to diagnose SOLVE/NetMaster using High CPU on Mainframe ?


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How to diagnose SOLVE/NetMaster using High CPU on Mainframe ?







Diagnosing High CPU conditions:


  1. A screen print showing where the high CPU is noticed.
  2. All output (all files) from the region's started task.
  3. All output from the associated SSI region's started task.
  4. CPUMON output, see procedure below
  5. Output from issuing STATUS on the Command Entry Screen (=CMD) within Netmaster.
  6. Information such as:

       - does the CPU usage spike or remain constant ?

       - if spiking does it occur on a regular interval basis ?

       - Did the condition occur after invoking a specific screen in Netmaster ?

       - How long has the region been up ?

       - Is the high CPU condition causing other issues on your system ? 


To run CPU monitoring on SOLVE/NetMaster region (called "Minute Minder"),


Please follow the following instructions:


  • Restart SOLVE/Netmaster with the following parameter in RUNSYSIN :



   This will report all CPU activity in the region.

   Also add this:


   to your RUNSYSIN parameters. This will use the zIIP if that is the best mode.


  • Create a NCL (NCL procedure containing the $$SYSPRO PMON and SHOW commands) procedure containing the following commands :


   $$SYSPRO PMON 120



   This command will take a report every 120 minutes. If you do not specify 120 it will default to 10 minutes.


  • Submit this NCL (For example CPUMON - NCL procedure containing the $$SYSPRO PMON and SHOW commands) procedure with :


   EV 00.30.00 LIMIT=48 KEEP=SYS ROUTE=SYS CMD=START xxxxxxx

   (NCL procedure containing the $$SYSPRO PMON and SHOW commands).

   This will provide a sampling on CPU usage every half of hour and running over 24 hours.

   The result is in the activity log. Please return a copy when you get this the day after.




Additional Information

Please terse and FTP the data to Broadcom.

Note that now when you open a new case the ftp directories are automatically created so you can upload data straight away.

Please terse (IBM utility TRSMAIN) these files before FTPing to make upload easier. 

Please remember to FTP in Binary!