Policy not evaluated, request stuck in "Submit" status.
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Policy not evaluated, request stuck in "Submit" status.


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CA Service Catalog CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


On raising a 'policy driven approval process' catalog request , the request status is stuck at 'submitted' and does not follow as per the policy and move to the next step i.e. pending fulfillment or fulfillment or completed status.


Release: CASVCT99000-12.9-Service Catalog and higher


Defined 'assignee level' is invalid


The solution for this issue is to validate if the assigned policy 'group / user' is active in EEM and Catalog for access.

If not available, ensure that you provide a valid Group / User to this policy for the approval process to move forward as per the policy defined 

Additional Information

Ensure you have validated the below steps to come to the above conclusion that the issue is with the non-existing GROUP / USER.

1. Check the offering Approval process is set to 'Policy driven approval process'.

2. Check if there is a policy defined for the approval process and the condition does match on the request submitted.

for example: $(anySoWith('status', lteq, 800) && _.service.name == 'Policy_Driven_Test')

and assigned to a group / user for fulfillment stage.

3. Ensure that in Administration tab - Event-Rules-Actions - "Request/Subscription Item Change" event - 'When Status is Submitted and Approval Process is driven by Policy' rule must be enabled.

4. In the Rule details the 'Policy Driven Approval Process' action must be enabled.