All devices alarm when the CA Spectrum SDConnector (SDC) process goes down
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All devices alarm when the CA Spectrum SDConnector (SDC) process goes down


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CA Spectrum


An SDConnector is modeled in Spectrum as a SDConnectorProcess. When the SDConnector experiences an outage, all devices connected to the SDConnector alarm.


Release: Spectrum version up to 10.4.0


There is no fault isolation intelligence built into the SDConnector modeltype in versions prior to 10.4.1. In version 10.4.1, SDC enhancement is made to only show DEVICE STOPPED RESPONDING alarm on SDC, and downstream devices are suppressed:



If an SDC goes down, all the devices managed by that SDC should turn grey [suppressed].

SDConnector Modeling and SPECTRUM Fault Isolation:

When you model SDConnectors you can choose one of the following model types: 

- SDConnectorProcess 
- Host_Device 
- Pingable 

Spectrum Support recommends that you model the SDConnector host as a Host_Device or Pingable model type to allow SPECTRUM's fault isolation to work correctly in the event that a remote SDConnector process goes down or the connection to it is lost. This enables SPECTRUM to fully isolate the cause of an outage to the SDConnector host model, virtually eliminating unresolved fault alarms. 

Although the SDConnector host is most likely connected to a switch on the "edge" of a region's network, logically it is the bridge between the public domain and secure domain regions and it must be modeled accordingly. Therefore you should place the SDConnector host model between the two models for the devices that are routing traffic between the public domain and secure 
domain regions.