Changes Necessary for Server Relocation
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Changes Necessary for Server Relocation


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)



There may be times when it is necessary to move part or all of a Release Automation environment to a new location. For example, servers may be moved to a new data center.


When moving a NAC, NES, and/or agent to a new location, what configuration changes should be made to ensure they remain connected to each other?


This applies to all environments Release Automaton can be implemented within.


Ensuring continued connectivity in the new location is relatively simple. In short, the persistency directory should be removed and all relevant nimi_config.xml files modified to reflect the new location. This includes the following steps:

  • Ensure all Nolio services are stopped on the NAC, NES, and agent before making changes.
  • Make any changes necessary to DNS and/or the hosts file to reflect each machine's new IP address.
  • For the NAC/NES/agent that was moved, rename or remove the persistency directory, which can be found underneath the main install directory.
  • If a NES was moved, for each agent, edit the nimi_config.xml file (found in the /conf directory under the install directory), find the old IP address of the agent's NES (found within the <supernode> tag), then change it to the new IP address.
  • If one or more execution servers were moved, and one NES was configured to connect to another NES (in the event that agents belonging to different execution servers are configured to communicate with each other), replace the old IP address of the NES in the <supernode> tag of the nimi_config.xml file with the new IP address.  (If <supernode> has no value, no change is needed.)
  • After making the above changes, restart Nolio services on the NAC, NES, and/or agent.
  • Login to Automation Studio, then navigate to Administration --> Agent Management.
  • In the Agent Management view, right-click each NES that was moved, then select "change execution server properties"
  • In the properties window, the host name may or may not need to be changed, depending on the following scenarios:
    • If the host name is used, but the IP address is changed, no changes should be made to this window. It is only important to ensure DNS updates the host name to reflect the new IP address.
    • If the host name has changed, enter the new value in this window.
    • If the IP address was specified as the host name, replace the value with the new IP address.

Additional Information:

If there are any communication problems after ensuring the above changes are made, please open a case with Support through


Release: NOLNAC99000-5.5-Nolio-Automation Center